Building your kit

Building your kit

Non-medical cannabis can be consumed in several different ways, and each way may require a different set of accessories. When it comes to building a cannabis kit, BC Cannabis Stores carries a wide variety of practical items that streamline the process of preparing and consuming cannabis.

Joints/Rolled cannabis

Adults (aged 19 and over) that prefer to consume cannabis in a rolled format, and have joint-rolling abilities, may need these accessories in their kit:

  • A grinder, to break down dried flower into a fine consistency for rolling
  • Rolling papers, to roll crushed cannabis into a joint (available in hemp, rice, or woodfibre)
  • Filters (optional), to insert into the smoking end of a joint
  • A lighter, to light the joint

Pipe or bong

Adults who choose to consume cannabis using a pipe or bong may consider adding the following items to their kit:

  • A grinder, to break down dried flower into a fine consistency before placing into a pipe or bong’s bowl
  • A pipe or bong (available in glass, silicone, ceramic, and other materials)
  • A lighter, to light the bowl


If vaporizing is the consumption method of choice, there are a number of accessories that may be required:

  • A grinder, to break down dried flower before placing it into the vaporizer’s chamber
  • A vaporizer (either desktop or portable) for consumption
  • Additional accessories (bags, hoses, etc.) may be required for a desktop vaporizer

Storage and safe-keeping

Storing dried cannabis flower appropriately is crucial to keeping it fresh. BC Cannabis Stores carries several different storage options including opaque and air-tight containers, humidors, travel cases, and humidity control devices that help to prevent cannabis from becoming too dry.

It’s important to securely store cannabis products so that they can’t be accessed by minors and pets.

Keeping accessories clean

BC Cannabis Stores carries several different items that facilitate the cleaning of bongs and pipes. Clean your smoking accessories regularly to prevent build-up and maintain optimal performance.

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