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Delta 9

 Manitoba’s Cannabis Company

From humble beginnings, Delta 9 was launched in 2013 by the father and son team of Bill and John Arbuthnot. All they had were a few types of cannabis seeds, a handful of cannabis clones, a small nursery, and a couple of grow rooms in a large, sparse warehouse at an industrial site in Winnipeg.

Since then, the company has developed an 80,000 square foot, state-of-the-art production facility, a network of retail cannabis stores in Manitoba and Alberta, a B2B division devoted to creating Micro-Cultivator partnerships, and now has more than 250 employees. Delta 9 Cannabis has matured into one of Western Canada’s most established and successful cannabis brands.

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As one of the original Licensed Producers in Canada, Delta 9 has evolved its cannabis production over the past six years. Now growing in proprietary, turn-key, retrofitted shipping containers called Grow Pods, Delta 9 produces small-batch, hand-trimmed, craft-quality cannabis. And the variety of our cultivars is as unique as the Grow Pods themselves.

 With approximately 20 different cannabis varietals in our current production cycle, and unique genetics for over 70 different cultivars, Delta 9 offers something for every cannabis enthusiast. From high potency THC cannabis to high-CBD, low-THC options, and everything in between, Delta 9 is quickly becoming the top choice for Canadian cannabis consumers looking for great value and uncompromising quality.


SAPPHIRE Limited quantity


by Delta 9

THC 300.0-400.0mg/g CBD 0.0-10.0mg/g

Sapphire is dried sieved cannabis also known as kief, referring to the granular/powdery accumulation of trichome heads, which are the resin glands ...

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Building your kit
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Building your kit

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