Keep Good Going with Everie. 

These days, there seems to be more tasks, more opportunities, and with that, more distractions. For those days, we just need a moment to refresh ourselves. Keep good going with Everie - beverages infused with 10mg of CBD.

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We created Everie so that you can easily enjoy CBD and find your flow.





98% Pure CBD

Driven by our commitment to quality and a consistently positive experience, all Everie beverages are infused with 98% pure CBD. Our products are created with CBD Isolate, a purified form of CBD – which means less than 0.05mg of THC in every serving.




Flavour Forward

The flavours of Everie are sure to delight your senses. From soothing lavender to refreshing ginger, Everie is committed to making CBD beverages that provide a consistent and delicious experience.



CBD Teas

Our four delicious tea blends are made from tea leaves specially grown for Everie, all infused with 10mg of CBD.

CBD Sparking Beverages

Our sparkling beverages are infused with 10mg of CBD and refreshing, all-natural flavours. Best served chilled over ice.         


Everie beverages are available in a variety of flavours and infused with a purified form of CBD - so you can enjoy CBD that not only tastes delicious, but provides a consistent experience every time.

Did you know . . .
Building your kit
Did you know . . .

Building your kit

Non-medical cannabis can be consumed in several different ways, and each way may require a different set of accessories. When it comes to building a cannabis kit, BC Cannabis Stores carries a wide variety of practical items that streamline the process of preparing and consuming cannabis. Joints/Rolled cannabis Adults (aged...

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