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Aluminum body, magnetic middle and machine cut teeth.
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  • Featuring a classic design for its teeth and operations, this product effectively cuts, shreds, and grinds dried flower.


    About grinders

    Before your cannabis is ready to be used, it should be ground to an even consistency to ensure a smoother, consistent burn. This can be done using a grinder, which is a tool with sharp teeth that are rotated back and forth to shred your dried flower.

    Grinders come as two, three and four-piece varieties. Two-piece grinders grind cannabis but do not provide a space for the ground flowers to be caught, whereas three-piece grinders include an extra compartment for finely ground cannabis to fall into. A four-piece grinder includes a second compartment to catch extra-fine ground flower, or trichomes.

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    • Producer Hammercraft
    • Colour(s) Blue
    • Manufacturer country CHINA
Did you know . . .
Building your kit
Did you know . . .

Building your kit

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