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Marley Natural brings you unique strains that offer you high potency and rich terpenes at a premium quality.  Introducing Marley Green (hybrid), Marley Gold (sativa-dominant) and Marley Red (CBD-dominant) and Marley Black (indica-dominant).  By categorizing products by colour, Marley Natural offers tailored, consistent cannabis experiences.

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Marley Herb

Marley Natural herb is available as part of the Marley Green (hybrid) collection.  Each product comes from a single strain and the collection is carefully selected to showcase the diversity of the herb.

We have a deep knowledge and respect for the herb. We believe that it is more than just a plant. It’s a respect for the natural. Our passion for the herb goes back generations and can be seen today in our dedication to quality.




Marley Pre-Roll

Marley Natural premium pre-rolls use single-strain herb for a consistent and convenient natural experience.  Product is rolled in unbleached paper for that smooth Marley smoke. 

Marley Natural prioritizes using high-quality flower even in the pre-roll format.  Filled with 0.5g of herb and packaged in a three-pack.  Pre-rolls are available in Marely Green.




Marley Vape

Marley Natural vape cartridges are filled with 0.5g of our natural, winterized CO2-extracted cannabis oil. Winterized CO2 oil delivers natural herb flavours. It contains more terpenes, is darker in colour, typically has between 70-80% cannabinoid content, and has a more natural variation across batches when compared to distillate.

Our gentle extraction method means you’ll taste the herb’s natural flavour, only milder. No fillers. Just the plant, in vape form.  Our collection of vape cartridges was purposefully created to showcase the very best of the herb.



   Marley Green Family                         Marley Gold Family                        Marley Red Family                      Marley Black Family

balanced plant experience                   sativa with daytime in mind                 high CBD with low THC                   indica with nighttime in mind


 Marley Natural

All of our products are expertly formulated and manufactured right here in Canada, using​ only high-quality natural herb.

Did you know . . .
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Did you know . . .

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