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Experience the Awe & Wonder of Sunshower

Sunshower is crafted from exotic blends of natural fruit flavours with the amazing taste and texture of a classic gummy. Every pack offers five gummies made with 10mg total of the finest THC distillate so that you can savour Sunshower’s delicious fruit flavours, with no cannabis aftertaste.

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 Watermelon Lemonade

Natural Crimson Sweet Watermelon flavour, mingled with tangy citrus notes. This gummy has the bright, crisp, refreshing flavour of real summer fruit.








Wild Strawberry

Made with real fruit and natural Alberta Sunrise Strawberry flavours, this gummy combines summer-fresh, hand-picked strawberry notes with a clean, crisp finish.  








 Mango Tangerine

Made with natural Alphonso Honey Mango flavours and a splash of tangerine essential oil, this gummy has notes of tropical citrus with a juicy mango nectar finish.   

BLOOD ORANGE 1:5 SOFT CHEWS Limited quantity


by Sunshower

THC per piece 1.0mg CBD per piece 5.0mg

Sunshower Blood Orange 1:5 gummies balance the tangy taste of orange citrus blossom, splashes of raspberry sweetness and the mellow hints of vanill...

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Building your kit
Did you know . . .

Building your kit

Non-medical cannabis can be consumed in several different ways, and each way may require a different set of accessories. When it comes to building a cannabis kit, BC Cannabis Stores carries a wide variety of practical items that streamline the process of preparing and consuming cannabis. Joints/Rolled cannabis Adults (aged...

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