Truss Beverages

Truss Beverages

Truss Beverage Co. is an entirely new kind of beverage company and we’re crafting a new space at the intersection of the beverage world and cannabis frontier.  We specialize in crafting unique and flavourful cannabis beverages. Our ambition is to create a new category of responsible, world-class beverages that reach a wide range of consumers and occasions. We are dedicated to creating a whole new world of drinks as diverse as the population that will enjoy them. 

We are a joint venture between Molson Coors Canada and HEXO - born in 2018. This has allowed us to come to market with all the consistency and high standards of the beverage industry, plus the quality control and experience of an established cannabis brand.  

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A complete line of products to support your self-care journey.

Little Victory

Vibrant, naturally flavoured sparkling beverages to toast to any of life's little victories. Celebrate a little.

Little Victory dry beverages are bubbly, light-bodied beverages with a slight tannic mouthfeel. Made with grape varietals grown in the pacific northwest & natural grapefruit or lemon flavour.

Little Victory Dark Cherry and Blood Orange are naturally sweetened, fruit-forward sparkling beverages.


Crisp, lightly hopped beverages with an easy drinking taste. Vasy-Mollo. 

House of Terpenes

Reach a higher taste with a range of terpene-forward sparkling tonics that celebrate the flavours of cannabis.

Did you know . . .
Building your kit
Did you know . . .

Building your kit

Non-medical cannabis can be consumed in several different ways, and each way may require a different set of accessories. When it comes to building a cannabis kit, BC Cannabis Stores carries a wide variety of practical items that streamline the process of preparing and consuming cannabis. Joints/Rolled cannabis Adults (aged...

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