Sundial voluntary recall

Last updated April 24th 2020

Sundial has notified the LDB of a voluntary recall due to THC levels being mislabeled on the following product - Top Leaf Strawberry Cream Pre-Roll 1x 0.5g (SKU 1016831 / Lot 0231005192P303).

The label for Top Leaf Strawberry Cream Pre-Rolled Cannabis product lot 0231005192P303 incorrectly states the THC content as 1.09 mg/g.

  • The actual amount of THC is 10.90 mg/g
  • The Total THC is correctly stated as 168.00 mg/g

The THC value on the label represents the amount of THC present at the time of testing. This value is incorrect.  A related cannabinoid present in the product is THCA, which converts to THC when heated. The Total THC value on the label represents the amount of THC + THCA which will be available as THC when inhaled through combustion. This value is correct.

Sundial has confirmed that there are no product quality issues associated with the product and that all other information on the label is accurately stated and adheres to Health Canada cannabis guidelines and regulations under the Cannabis Act.

Returns for this product will be authorized. To initiate the returns process, customers are asked  to contact the Customer Care Centre by phone at 1 -844-420-2227 or email


Product Description

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Strawberry Cream Pre-Roll (1x 0.5g)