BC Indigenous Cannabis Product Program

BC Indigenous Cannabis Product Program

Introducing the new BC Indigenous Cannabis Product (BCICP) program

We’re proud to introduce the new BC Indigenous Cannabis Product (BCICP) program, which aims to support BC-based Indigenous cannabis producers’ participation in the non-medical cannabis market by highlighting their products to customers.

BC Indigenous Cannabis Product

What are BC Indigenous Cannabis Products?

From January 18, 2022 onward, Licensed Producers can register their products for participation in the BCICP program. The designation applies to federally licensed cannabis cultivators and processors that have at least 51% Indigenous ownership and whose facilities are located in British Columbia.

Either the cultivator must be Indigenous-owned and located in BC, or the processor must be Indigenous-owned and located in BC for products to be eligible. A processor working with an Indigenous cultivator in BC is not required to have their production facilities located in British Columbia and an Indigenous processor can work with non-Indigenous cultivators from outside the province.


How to buy BC Indigenous Cannabis Products

Look for the logo badge (above) next to approved products on our website, or look for this tag in-stores (below), to identify products that are part of the BC Indigenous Cannabis Product (BCICP) program. 

BCICP in-store tag


Indigenous producers and cultivators interested in applying for the BCICP program can find out more here. https://www.bcldbcannabisupdates.com/BCICP

For additional questions on the BCICP program, please review our FAQs.


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