Our Licensed Producers

The BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB), under the brand BC Cannabis Stores, only sells non-medical cannabis produced by licensed producers approved by Health Canada.

A licensed producer holds a licence issued by Health Canada, under the Cannabis Act, to produce quality-controlled cannabis under secure and sanitary conditions.

Health Canada is responsible for licensing producers and undertakes a strict and thorough review of all applications.


Licensed producers who are registered to do business with the LDB

314 Pure Cannabis 
Brand: Poolboy

5 Points Cannabis 
Brands: 5 Points Cannabis

Abba Medix
Brands: Abba Medix, Lab Theory, MTL Cannabis, OMY, Pure Chews, Pure Pulls
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ABcann Medicinals 
Brand: Fireside X

Accoutrements Canada
Brand: Accoutrements

 Acreage Pharms

Acreage Pharms Ltd.
Brands: Acreage Pharms, APL, Peers, Tier 1
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Adastra Labs
Brand: Endgame

AgMedica Bioscience Inc.
Brands: Agmedica, Vertical Cannabis, The Quarry
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Brands: BIG, Field Trip, Green House Seed Co. High Street, Impromptu, Loop Parallel, Melt, O.pen, Purple Hills, The Quarry, Thumbs Up Brand, Wink

Agro-Greens Natural Products
Brands: Gnomestar, Habitat Craft cannabis, Journey Cannabis, Organnicraft, Shelter Craft, Simply Bare, Wildlife
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Alberta Craft Cannabis
Brands: BLKMKT, Tenzo

ANC Solutions
Brand: 34 Street Seed Co

Brands: B!ngo, Broken Coast, Canaca, Chowie Wowie, dosist, Riff, Good Supply, Solei, The Batch
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Brands: Abby Leaf, Apothecary Botanicals , EarthWolf Farms
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Atlas Growers
Brands: Atlas Thrive, Ghost Drops, Natural History

Brands: Reef Organic, Stewart Farms

Atlanticann Medical
Brand: MSIKU


Aurora Cannabis Enterprises
Brands: Aurora, Aurora DRIFT, CanniMed, MedReleaf, WMM, San Rafael’71, Daily Special, Whistler Cannabis Co. , Greybeard, Being, AltaVie
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Brands: Back Forty, Dosecann, Foray, Kolab Project

BZAM Cannabis
Brands: BZAM,-ness, Table Top
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Cannacure Corporation

 Canna Farms

Canna Farms
Brands: Canna Farms, FIRESIDE
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Brands: CannMart, Ignite, Mezzero, PHYTO, Phyto Extractions, Rilaxe
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Cann Trust

Brands: Liiv, Peak Leaf, SYNR.G, Xscape
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Brands: Kingsway, Strain Rec


Canopy Growth Corporation
Brands: 7 ACRES, Ace Valley, Blissco, Blissco Reserve Deep Space,  DNA Genetics, DOJA, QUATREAU, Simple Stash, Twd., Tweed, Hiway, sugarleaf
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Castle Rock Farms
Brands: BC Green, Castle Rock Farms

Cronos Group (Peace Naturals Project Inc.)

Brands: Cove, Spinach, Medmen
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Decibel Cannabis
Brands: General Admission, Qwest, BlendCraft
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Delta 9 
Brand: Delta 9

DYCAR Pharmaceuticals
Brands: Chuz, Lamplighter, Legend

Brands: DAIZE, DYNATHRIVE, Pocket Fives, Sunshower
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Brands: Divvy, Noon & Night, Symbl
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Emerald Health Therapeutics
Brands: Emerald, HYNT, SYNC
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Emprise Canada
Brand: Emprise Canada

Entourage Health
Brands: Color Cannabis, Saturday, Starseed
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Evergreen Medicinal
Brand: Evergreen Medicinal

experion cannabis

Brands: Experion, Citizen Stash
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Brand: FIGR

Freedom Cannabis
Brand: Freedom Cannabis

GreenSeal Cannabis
Brand: GreenSeal

Brands: 3Saints, Bubble Kush, Craft Re Public, Halcyon, OMY!


Brands: Brands: 48North, Bake Sale, HEXO, Namaste; Up Cannabis, Re-Up Trail Mix, Latitude, Re-up, Original Stash, XMG, RedeCan, Up Cannabis

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Brands: 420 Science, BIC, BRNT Designs, C Valut, Eco Four Twenty, Hoss Glass, Kannastor, NoGoo, Pulsar, ResOlution, Smojo Storz & Bickel

Brand: Artisan Batch, Bhang, Indiva, Wana, Jewels


JC Green Cannabis
Brands: JC Green Medicinal Cannabis, Jonny Chronic
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Joint Venture Craft

Brands: BC Black, BC Sun Bud, Bud Coast Black Kettle Farms, Budcoast, Distinkt, Cannabis, High Maintenance, Pistol and Paris

Brands: JWC, Dymonds Concentrates, WAGNERS 

Brands: Vacay, Getaway, LYF, Half Time


Brands: High Tide, Kiwi Cannabis, Northern Harvest
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MediPharm Labs
MediPharm Labs
Brands: KKE, MediPharm
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Natural Med Company
Brand:  Eve & Co

Neptune Wellness Solutions
Brand: Mood Ring

Nextleaf Labs
Brand: Glacial Gold

NOYA Cannabis
Brands: Cookies, Gage Cannabis, Lemonade, Minntz

Olli Brands
Brand: Olli


Brands: Big Bag O'Buds, Edison, monjour, Laurentian Cannabis, Tremblant Cannabis Shred, Trailblazer
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PAX Labs
Brand: PAX Labs

Peak Processing
Brands: Collective Project, LoFi

Progenybio Agricultural Services
Brand: erbaceous

Pure Sunfarms
Brands: Pure Sunfarms, White Rabbit OG
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Quality Green
Brand: High Street

Brand: TRX

Brands: Choice Leaf, HoneyStick, X-Lite, Zig-Zag 

Brand: 1Spliff, Cali, Seleste

Sitka Weed Works
Brands: Sitka Micro, Greenade

Stewart’s Vertical Farms
Brand: Stewart Farm

Stigma Grow
Brands: Dab Bods, Keef, Stigma Grow

Brand: Sugarbud



Brands: Sundial, Topleaf, Palmetto, Grasslands
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Tantalus Labs
Brands: Tantalus Labs, Treeline
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Brands: Haven St., Haven St. Premium, WDBX, Ahlot
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TGOD (The Green Organic Dutchman)
Brands: Highly Dutch Organic, Ripple by TGOD, TGOD

THC BioMed
THC BioMed
BrandsTHC BioMed, THC Kiss
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Tidal Health Solutions
Brand: Tidal


Tilray Canada Ltd. (High Park Holding Ltd.)
Brands: Canaca, Grail, Irisa, Marley Natural, The Batch, Chowie Wowie, Everie, Goodship, Rmdy.
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united greeneries
United Greeneries

Brands: 18twelve, 18twelve Vital Ease: ReserveCaptain's Choice, Hulit, Royal High, Royal Co

The Valens Company
Brands: Nuance, verse, Contraband, Versus

The Valens Company
Brand: Nuance, verse, Contraband, Versus

Vortex Cannabis
Brand: VORTEX, Phresh

Voyage Cannabis Corporation

Vintage Organic Cannabis
Brand: 1964, Homestead, Simply Bare

Weed Me
Weed Me
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