Our Licensed Producers

The BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB), under the brand BC Cannabis Stores, only sells non-medical cannabis produced by licensed producers approved by Health Canada.

A licensed producer holds a licence issued by Health Canada, under the Cannabis Act, to produce quality-controlled cannabis under secure and sanitary conditions.

Health Canada is responsible for licensing producers and undertakes a strict and thorough review of all applications.


Licensed producers who are registered to do business with the LDB


5 Points Cannabis 
Brands: 5 Points Cannabis

Acreage Pharms
Brands: Full Sesh

Adastra Labs
Brand: Endgame, Phyto Extractions, Zyre

Brand: 34 Street Seed Co

Antidote Processing
Brand: Kootenay Quantum

Brands: Bake Sale, Broken Coast Cannabis, Canaca, Canaca Darts, Chowie Wowie, Good Supply, Original Stash, Redecan, Riff, Solei, Summit

Apothecary Botanicals
Brands: Apothecary Botanicals, EarthWolf Farms, Zyre

Atlantic Cultivation
Brands: Tantalus

Aurora Cannabis
Brand: Daily Special, Drift, San Rafael’71, Tasty's, Whistler Cannabis

Brands: Back Forty, Dosecann, Foray, Kolab Project, Parcel

Avant Craft Cannabis 
Brands: BLKMKT, Tenzoc, Treehugger

Brands: Fuego

Bhang Walay
Brands: Silver Fox

Bold Growth 
Brands: Bold

BZAM Cannabis
Brands: BZAM, Bzam x Dunn, Dunn Cannabis, -ness, Table Top, Wyld

Canadian Clinical Cannabinoids 
Brands: Big, Papa's Herb, The Loud Plug

Canadian National Pharma Group
Brands: Phant

Brands: Thrifty Stixx

Cannara Biotech
Brands: Nugz, Orchid CBD Runtz, Tribal

Canngroup Development
Brands: Dymond Concentrates 2.0

Brands: Roilty

Canopy Growth
Brands: 7Acres, Doja OG, Hiway, TWD, Tweed, Wana, Wana Quick

Brands: Pennies

Carmel Cannabis
Brands: Carmel

Castle Rock Farms
Brands: BC Green, Castle Rock Farms

Cedar Organics
Brands: BC Bud

Choice Growers
Brands: Choice Growers Cannabis

Cicatrix Labs
Brands: Assuage

Coast Mountain Cannabis
Brands: Coast Mountain Cannabis

CRG Pharma
Brands: Cannons

Culture Kizos
Brands: Sheeesh!

Delta 9 Bio-Tech
Brand: Delta 9

Diteba Laboratories
Brand: Common Ground

Dycar Pharmaceuticals
Brands: JR Strain, Lamplighter, Legend

Brand: Dynadream, Pocket Fives

Elevate Wellness
Brands: Blast

Embark Delta
Brand: Earthwolf Farms

Emblem Cannabis
Brands: Divvy

Emprise Canada
Brand: Emprise

Entourage Brands
Brands: Color Cannabis

Final Bell Canada
Brands: Beurre Blanc, Pax, Sherbinskis

First Choice Cannabis Products
Brands: First Choice Cannabis Products

Flowerchild Research
Brands: Black Kettle Farms, Trygg

FN Canna
Brands: All Nations, Uncle Bob

Freedom Cannabis
Brand: Freedom Cannabis

Good Buds Company
Brand: Good Buds Company, Good Buds - Family Reserve LSO, BC Cannabis Inc.

GreenSeal Cannabis
Brand: D*gg Lbs, GreenSeal

Greenstone Enterprises 
Brands: 3Saints, Halcyon

Habitat Craft Cannabis
Brands: Cake & Caviar

Brands: Ufeelu

HYTN Cannabis
Brands: HYTN Cannabis

Brand: Bhang, Doppio, Indiva, No Future, Pearls, Pearls by Gron

JBud Craft Cannabis
Brand: JBud Craft Cannabis

JC Green Cannabis
Brand: Jonny Chronic

Joint Venture Craft Cannabis
Brand: BC Black, BC Doobies, BC Oz, BC Smalls, Dunesberry Farms, Living Cannabis, PureFire, Royal Harvest

Just Kush Enterprises
Brands: Just Kush

Leaf Infusions
Brands: Even

Brands: Lot420

Lupos Biotechnology
Brands: Proofly

Brands: Vacay

MediPharm Labs
Brands: MediPharm, RHO Phyto

Mediplant Research Group
Brands: Stonehouse

Mera Cannabis
Brand: Countryside Cannabis

Motif Labs
Brand: Amber, Boondocks, BOXHOT Fatties, BOXHOT 1000, Buddy Homburg, Debunk, Dompen, Feather, Floresense, Hycycle, Sticky Greens

MTL Cannabis (Montreal Cannabis Medical)
Brand: Lowkey by MTL Cannabis, MTL Cannabis

Nextleaf Labs
Brand: Glacial Gold, High Plains

Nibble Labs
Brand: Spinello

Olli Brands 
Brand: El Blunto, Olli

Brands: Big Bag O' Buds, Monjour, Monjour Bare, Shred, Shred X, SHRED'EMS, Shred'ems Pop!, Trailblazer, Tremblant Cannabis

Organnicraft Production 
Brand: Organnicraft

Origine Nature
Brand: Fleurs de Lise 

Pantheon Cannabis Group
Brand: Forty Acre, JBuds, Organnicraft x Wildcard, Wildcard Extracts

Peace Naturals Project
Brands: Feelz, Sourz, Sourz by Spinach, Spinach, Spinach Feelz

Peak Processing Solutions
Brands:Second Nature, Sweet Justice, Yandi Fresh, Lofi

Pineapple Buds
Brands: Pineapple Buds

Pistol and Paris
Brands: Pistol and Paris

Potanicals Green Growers
Brands: Craftport


Purcann Pharma
Brand: Mood Ring, Oovie

Pure Sunfarms

Brands: Pure Sunfarms, Soar, Super Toast, The Original Fraser Valley Weed Co.

Purileaf Brands
Brand: DayDay, Frank CBD, Night Night

Quality Green
Brand: High Street

Brand: Redecan

Rosebud Productions
Brand: Book Club, Dabble, Herbal Dispatch, Highquadz

Royalmax Biotechnology
Brand: Citoyen

Rubicon Organics
Brand: 1964, Homestead, Lab Theory, Simply Bare, Wildflower

Sensi Brands
Brand: Potluck, Station House

Shucanna Growers
Brands: Shucanna 

Sitka Weed Works
Brands: Greenade, Kahoona, Sitka Micro Collection, Sitka Legends

Stewart’s Vertical Farms
Brand: Stewart Farms

Stigma Grow
Brands: Dab Bods, High Priestess, Stigma Grow

St-Leger Waters
Brands: Green Monke

Sun Coast Cannabis
Brand: Sun Coast Cannabis

Sweetgrass Cannabis
BrandSweetgrass Organic Cannabis

Terra Labs
Brand: Naturally Nutra, Terra Labs

THC Biomed
Brands: Smoke Thunders, THC Biomed, THC Kiss

The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD)
Brands: Highly Dutch Organic

The Flowr Group
Brands: Flowr

The Hazy Camper Cannabis

Brands: Hazy Camper, Virtue Cannabis

Thrive Cannabis
Brand: Greybeard

Tidal Health Solutions
Brand: Bubble Kush

Tricanna Industries 
Brand: Ancestral Seeds, Weather Islands Craft Cannabis, Pow Wow

Truro Cannabis
Brand: Truro Cannabis

Truss Limited
Brand: Cann Social Tonics, Collective, Little Victory, Mollo 10, Mollo Orchard Chill'r, XMG, XMG Alt, XMG Drops, XMG+

Tumbleweed Farms
Brand: Lotus

United Greeneries
Brands: 18twelve:Reserve

Valens Agritech
Brand: Citizen Stash, Grasslands, Liv Relief, Palmetto, Summit 10, Versus


Victoria Cannabis Company
Brand: Victoria Cannabis Company

Vortex Cannabis
Brand: Vortex

Voyage Cannabis
Brands: Adults Only, Pura Vida, Purefarma, RAD, Thrifty, White Rabbit OG 

Way2Grow Biopharma
Brand: SWiTHC

We Grow BC
Brand: Qwest

Weed Me
Brand: Weed Me, Blissed, Weed Me Grind, Weed Me Max

West Blvd Cannabis
Brand: Choklit Park, Gladstone

Western Extraction
Brand: BC Legacy, Great Gardener Farms, High Quadz

Westleaf Labs
Brand: General Admission

Woody Nelson 
Brand: Woody Nelson, LoFi, High Fidelity