What are Micro-Cultivators in BC?

What are Micro-Cultivators in BC?

Hazy on what terms like “small batch” or “micro-cultivated” mean and how it affects your cannabis products? This blog is here to help clear things up – offering insight into micro-cultivators in BC and how their micro-cultivation license sets them apart from other cannabis licensed producers.


What is micro-cultivation?

Micro-cultivation is simply growing and producing cannabis at a small scale, in small batches.

However, to become a micro-cultivator in BC, you need to have a micro-cultivation license from Health Canada to produce cannabis plants and seeds, fresh and/or dried, within a small grow surface area (plant canopy) of up to 200 m2 (2,152 ft2). This includes all surfaces, whether arranged horizontally or vertically, indoors or outdoors, that are actively being used for cultivation.

“Micro-Cultivation is a very specific subclass of license that was created to allow Legacy Market operators or small-scale craft producers to operate within the regulatory framework with slightly less requirements from Health Canada and a simpler, more defined path in the recreational market. Whether you hold a standard-cultivation license or a micro-cultivation license, you will be considered a licensed producer by Health Canada.” - Organnicraft


What are the potential benefits of micro-cultivated products?

Micro-cultivated cannabis can be compared to a specialized crop you might find at a farmer’s market – the yield is smaller, but the quality is inherently higher.

Micro-cultivators in BC claim some potential benefits, such as providing more attention to each plant, higher cannabinoid and terpene content, and ease of implementation and maintenance of sustainability practices.

"We believe in quality over quantity. Small Batch rooms ensure quality care for each plant. Our Master Grower checks each plant daily to make sure we continue to produce some of the best cannabis in the country . . . Being a micro-cultivator allows for greater attention to detail, resulting in higher-quality cannabis with enhanced potency, flavour, and aroma." - Stonehouse


What is the difference between personal growing, micro-producing, and micro-processing?

Personal Growing: In BC, Under the Cannabis Control and Licensing Act, adults who are 19 years and older are allowed to grow up to four non-medical cannabis plants per household at their dwelling home, regardless of the number of adults who live there. There may be further restrictions from renting, strata, or local and Indigenous governments. An approved license is required should one want to grow more than four plants.

Micro-Producing: Similar to micro-cultivation, when cannabis is produced within a 200 m2 surface area. If wanting to produce on a larger scale, a standard cultivation license is required. Both are considered licensed producers in British Columbia.

Micro-Processing Facility: Handles the processing and packaging of cannabis products. It requires its own micro-processing license from Health Canada, and has a yearly possession limit of 600 kg of dried cannabis unless the cannabis is solely from one’s own micro-cultivation license at the same site.


Is craft cannabis different than micro-cultivated cannabis?

Craft cannabis is a special designation that is still being defined within the industry. Not all craft cannabis is micro-cultivated, and not all micro-cultivated cannabis is considered craft.

Craft cannabis typically refers to cannabis that is grown with a focus on quality, in small batches, and with careful attention to detail throughout the cultivation process. Craft cannabis producers often prioritize factors such as hang drying, organic cultivation methods, unique genetics, and specialized curing techniques to enhance the quality and potency of their cultivars.


Check out some of these Micro-Cultivators in BC*:

All Nations

Black Kettle Farms


BC Cannabis Inc


Cake & Caviar

Dunn Cannabis


Great Gardener Farms

JBuds Craft Cannabis

Kootenay Quantum


Pineapple Buds

Pow Wow

Sitka Legends


Sweetgrass Cannabis

Weather Islands Craft Cannabis


Check out all the current Micro-Cultivators in BC here.

*Please note: This list only reflects the micro-producers and products we have available at the time of publication. Due to the popularity of micro-cultivation, some micro-produced products are out of stock.


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