What are pre-rolls?

What are pre-rolls?

Non-medical cannabis can be consumed in several different ways. A common way to consume is by smoking a pre-roll, more commonly referred to as a joint.

Pre-rolls, as the name suggests, are previously rolled or assembled by the licensed producer. Pre-rolls purchased at BC Cannabis Stores are either hand-rolled or machine-rolled by licensed producers into a ready-to-use format, eliminating the need to buy dried flower, papers, and filters separately. These pre-rolled joints are then packaged in a small plastic tube or cardboard box to prevent them from being bent or broken.

Pre-rolls sold at BC Cannabis Stores are available in indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, hybrid, and high-CBD varieties, and contain the same grade of cannabis as dried flower.

Pre-rolls are available in a wide variety of strains. Consumers can purchase individual pre-rolls in one gram and half-gram sizes, or multi-packs of pre-rolls containing up to five pre-rolls of the same strain. Under the Cannabis Act, pre-rolls cannot exceed one gram in size.

When picking a pre-rolled product, refer to the label to find out how many milligrams of THC and/or CBD are present. If you’d like to learn more about the percentages of THC and/or CBD in a pre-roll, follow our guide on reading labels.

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