We grow cannabis with character and integrity. Character that was bred through 5 generations of farming experience and homegrown appreciation for hand-crafted goods all backed by a fully verifiable source to market tracking system.
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We Stand Behind Our Quality Cannabis

We have worked towards building the best possible growing and curing process. Each plant is hand- picked, trimmed, and packaged in our facilities. Every step is monitored by our growers- and all of our cannabis is additionally tested by third party labs to ensure quality and consistency.




If We Can’t Trace It, We Don’t Grow It

SENTRI track and trace system uses the lot number located on the package to trace the origin of your cannabis from source to market, unlocking additional information about your products, mother plant, exact terpene profile, where it was grown and much more. 





Every Number Has A Purpose

What’s in the number? A lot actually. Each of our products are numbered and take on the flavour and effect of the strain, but dig a little deeper and you’ll learn the significance that each of the hand-picked numbers hold. Whether it’s our history or our innovative process, each number delves into FIGR’s distinct character.





All Of Our Products 

Whether it’s our hand-crafted whole flower, exclusive custom designed master vapourizer, 510 compatible craft cartridges, or high quality extracted oils, it all goes under the same rigorous analysis to ensure the highest standards for anything that we produce.







THC 270.0-320.0mg/g CBD 0.0-50.0mg/g

Stop and smell the Jungle Fumes! These dense, jungle-coloured buds are packed with diesel and chem flavours. The parent strains of Sour Diesel x Ch...

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