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Our Manifesto

We seek out inspiration, from people, places and unexpected little moments in time.

 SYMBL stands for waking up each and every morning to a world of brand-new possibilities. This is how we approach our business, our cannabis and our lives.

We want to challenge convention, thrive on new experiences and cultivate every curiosity. It’s time to take control. Don’t put life on autopilot. Take the wheel. Feel the rush. Live without limits.

SYMBL is comprised of passionate cannabis enthusiasts dedicated to crafting premium cannabis products, ideal for wherever the day takes you.

Our Products

Explore our curated selection of indoor-grown dried cannabis flower products: our cultivars are grown in single-strain rooms, hang-dried and hand-manicured to enhance their terpene profiles.

Discover our full spectrum extracts, enhanced by an extraction process that ensures active cannabinoids and terpenes are faithfully preserved.

SYMBL is cannabis, but that’s just the beginning... What’s next?



by Symbl

THC 0.0-2.1mg/g CBD 17.8-24.2mg/g

This pure, concentrated cannabis oil contains CBD, with only trace amounts of THC, and is formulated to be taken orally using the syringe included ...

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Did you know . . .
Building your kit
Did you know . . .

Building your kit

Non-medical cannabis can be consumed in several different ways, and each way may require a different set of accessories. When it comes to building a cannabis kit, BC Cannabis Stores carries a wide variety of practical items that streamline the process of preparing and consuming cannabis. Joints/Rolled cannabis Adults (aged...

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