Extract Vaporizer Tax Rate Change

Beginning January 1st, 2020, the BC government will be increasing the rate of PST from 7% to 20% on retail sales of extract vaporizer products and accessories.

The following cannabis products will be subject to the 20% PST rate:

  • Vape pens (including kits, disposables, and vape batteries)
  • Pod systems
  • Oil cartridges
  • Dual-purpose vaporizers (i.e. vaporizers that are compatible with both oil and dried flower)

Note: Dry herb-only vaporizers (i.e. vaporizers only for use with dried flower cannabis) will remain subject to the current 7% PST.


GST will be calculated on the total cost of the product plus PST.


For example, if a cartridge is listed at $20, the total will be $25.20.

$20 + 20% PST ($4) = $24

+ 5% GST ($1.20) = $25.20


Here is how the tax will appear in your online order:

Vape tax explanation