by Wildcard Extracts
THC 10.0-40.0mg/g CBD 650.0-690.0mg/g
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1g of indica-dominant, CBD cured resin with distinct notes of eucalyptus, pine, and citrus.
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  • CBD Cured Resin by Wildcard Extracts is a high-quality product that offers a unique and refreshing flavour profile. With distinct notes of eucalyptus, pine, and citrus, this resin provides a multi-dimensional and aromatic experience. The eucalyptus brings a refreshing and cooling element, while the pine adds a deep and earthy flavour. The citrus notes provide a bright and tangy taste, with undertones adding a hint of sweetness. Overall, CBD Cured Resin offers a complex and invigorating flavour that is sure to please the palate.
    • Produced in British Columbia
    • Brand Wildcard Extracts
    • Producer Pantheon Cannabis Group
    • Common name UMPQUA
    • Type Indica-Dominant
    • THC 10.0-40.0mg/g
    • CBD 650.0-690.0mg/g
    • Method of consumption INHALE
    • Extraction process Butane
    • Flavour(s) and citrus, eucalyptus, pine
    • Shelf stability minimum temperature (celsius) 2
    • Shelf stability maximum temperature (celsius) 25
    • Packaging material Polypropylene
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