by Sweetgrass Organic Cannabis
THC 210.0-240.0mg/g CBD 0.0-2.0mg/g
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Organic, sativa-dominant, 1g pre-roll offering flavours of coffee, pine, and pepper.
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  • This BPS pheno was carefully hunted from seed by the Sweetgrass grow team for its exceptional smoke and physical attributes. It expresses the sativa side of its genetics in its aroma, taste, and smoke, while it maintains the deep colouring of its indica ancestry, with a dark green, almost-black floral colour with light green accents. Inhaling before ignition provides notes of a subtle fruit and herbal nature mixed with fuel oil and a bit of gas. Upon Inhalation flavours of coffee, pine, and pepper, dominate, while on exhale notes of wood-charred whiskey and spice come out. As always FVOPA certified organic and made from whole flowers.
    • Produced in British Columbia
    • Brand Sweetgrass Organic Cannabis
    • Producer Sweetgrass Cannabis
    • Common name BLACK PATRONUS
    • Type Sativa-Dominant
    • THC 210.0-240.0mg/g
    • CBD 0.0-2.0mg/g
    • Method of consumption INHALE
    • Growing method Indoor
    • Harvesting method Hand-harvested
    • Packaging material Plastic

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