Indoor consumption methods

Indoor consumption methods

Looking for smokeless cannabis options? If you’re indoors and it’s safe to do so, here are several smokeless options for consuming cannabis without inhaling.

Remember to keep cannabis away from kids and pets, follow your strata or building’s regulations for indoor cannabis consumption, and start low, go slow for a safer experience.

Oils and capsules

For those who prefer to avoid inhalation completely, there are oil-based products such as oils and capsules. Cannabis oil has already been activated (or decarboxylated), so there is no need to heat it. It may have a slight earthy, nutty taste and carry the aroma of terpenes. Cannabis oils and capsules are available in a wide variety of potencies and types.

Using oil sublingually (under the tongue) generally speeds up the onset of effects as it is directly absorbed into the bloodstream through the thin membrane in the mouth. Ingesting cannabis oil in the form of gel capsules, or swallowing cannabis oil rather than taking it sublingually, slows the onset of effects as your body needs to digest and process the compounds, such as CBD and THC, before they reach the bloodstream.

Edibles and beverages

Edible products, including gummies, chocolates, and baked goods such as cookies and brownies, are now available, alongside pre-mixed beverages and drink mixes. Each product can contain up to 10mg of THC with no cap on CBD. Like oils and capsules, the cannabis in these products has already been decarboxylated and so each one is ready to consume.


Formulated in the same way as oils, topicals contain cannabinoids like THC and CBD, and a carrier oil such as coconut derived MCT oil.

When used topically, the formula may bring increased sensation to whichever area of the body it is applied. Oil-based intimate sprays are not compatible with latex, so may impact the effectiveness of certain contraceptive devices.

Topical products such as balms and lotions are also available. Be sure to check the label on your cannabis product before use.

Remember, what works for others may not work for you. Educating yourself and cautious experimentation will help you find your way.

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