Pink Kush strain from Pure Sunfarms

Peek Inside: Pink Kush by Pure Sunfarms

Do you ever wonder how cannabis gets the most flavour from growers crafting their signature strains? We sat down with the team at Pure Sunfarms to better understand how hang drying has led them to relaunch their popular Pink Kush strain, a gassy indica, high-THC kush with high-quality buds.

Pink Kush High THC Indica from Pure Sunfarms

What is Pink Kush?

“It is a widely popular, gassy indica that arguably put the legacy of BC bud on the map. It’s a favourite amongst many with high THC, dense chunky buds, and inviting aromas of white pepper, orange, butterscotch, coffee, and earth.” 

Pure Kush is a gassy indica with roots in the West Coast

What makes the Pink Kush strain special to Pure Sunfarms? 

“It is the first strain we ever grew in our greenhouse. It is our best-seller and one of the best-sellers in BC. This gassy indica is a West Coast classic with roots that originate in BC, just like our brand. We dedicated two years to fine-tune this cultivar, ensuring we got it just right. Now, it thrives in our greenhouse and is offered in dried flower, pre-rolls, and vape format for consumers to enjoy.” 

What is the history of Pink Kush?  

“Our Pink Kush strain originated on Vancouver Island, but it’s a bit of a mystery how it made its way to the mainland. Believed to have stemmed from OG Kush, this high-THC strain is a true West Coast staple. If you enjoy BC bud, there’s a good chance you’ve tried it before.”

Pure Sunfarms Greenhouse

Where do you grow at Pure Sunfarms?

“We grow all of our strains out of our high-tech, modern greenhouse in one of sunniest spots in Canada, the Fraser Valley.

What is hang drying? Why did you decide to hang dry?  

“Hang drying is a legacy practice where the entire cannabis plant is hung upside down to dry. We’ve adapted this drying method in our 1.1 million square foot greenhouse space, where each batch of dried flower is hang dried in climate-controlled drying rooms. Our mature plants are hand harvested at their peak, fully intact. The plants are then carefully transferred from the flower rooms and hung by hand, leaves and all. 

Pink Kush is a terpene rich BC bud

We hang dry all our strains in the greenhouse, including our Pink Kush strain. We approach every step of the growing, harvesting, and post-harvest process with care—hang drying is an extension of this. As the leaves dry, they create a natural cushion around the bud, protecting the trichomes and the natural flower shape. It results in frostier, more aromatic, and terpene-rich buds with a more natural shape.”

Pure Sunfarms hang drying Pink Kush strain gassy indica

How is the process monitored? 

“The process begins the moment our plants are harvested by hand and hang dried. We handle each batch with care during the drying and curing process to preserve the natural bud structure, aromas, and potency of each strain. Along the way, we closely monitor temperature relative to humidity and airflow in climate-controlled rooms to ensure an ideal level of moisture is maintained. After trimming and hand finishing, our buds are stored in airtight and lightproof containers to maintain the cure.”

Pink Kush by Pure Sunfarms is grown with a hands on process

What are the benefits vs. challenges from a large-scale operation?

“The benefit of hang drying is that we deliver on our commitment to the freshest flower in dried bud form. Consumers want flower that is not too dry, holds its natural shape, and showcases trichomes that are full to the brim with potent and aromatic compounds. This whole process is more hands-on, as each plant is closely monitored and the exact recipe changes per cultivar. Although this can take some more time and work, we believe giving each plant dedicated care and attention makes all the difference.


Interested in trying out the new hang-dried, high-THC, Pink Kush strain from Pure Sunfarms? Pick it up here and see the difference for yourself.


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