Peek Inside the Making of BZAM Infused Pre-Rolls

Peek Inside: The making of BZAM’s infused pre-rolls

If you’ve walked into a BC Cannabis Store or shopped online recently, you’ve likely come across infused pre-rolls. A product category that has been gaining popularity since 2022, consumers are enjoying the broad range of flavourful, high-potency options available in infused pre-roll form. Come along with us as we take a peek inside how BZAM creates their Jet Pack Infused Pre-rolls in our interview with Gabe Hum, Senior Manager of Extraction and Research and Development (R&D) at BZAM.

Infused pre-rolls are pre-rolled joints with concentrate

What is an infused pre-roll?

“If you’ve never heard of an infused pre-roll, it’s essentially a pre-rolled joint (with dried flower) that has been infused with a cannabis concentrate to boost its THC content. Some are also infused with fruity and sweet flavours to add another dimension of enjoyment. Not all infused pre-rolls are the same. The type of concentrate and infusion method used can vary greatly.”

BZAM’s Jet Pack Infused Pre-roll flavours include Juicy, Apple Bubba/Strawberry Guava, and Mango Diesel

What inspired the Jet Pack line of BZAM’s infused pre-rolls?

“At BZAM, we wanted to enter the world of infused pre-rolls with a bang. Having had success with our boldly flavoured distillate vapes like Magic Melon and Space Guava, we decided to take that winning recipe and apply it to infused pre-rolls. And that’s how BZAM Infused Pre-roll Jet Packs came to be,” said Gabe.

Each BZAM infused pre-roll in a Jet Pack is a 0.5g taster returning a lab result of 34-40% THC. Gabe explains the pre-rolls are “infused with distillate extracted in-house and botanical terpene flavours (the same formulation as our vapes) so they’re not just potent, but tasty too. Some packs come with one pre-roll flavour, like the Mango Diesel Jet Pack, and some include two unique flavours to try, like the Apple Bubba x Strawberry Guava Jet Pack.”

Testing BZAM Infused Pre-rolls Jet Pack

How did BZAM come up with the Jet Pack flavour combinations?

“Taste-testing Mango Diesel and Strawberry Guava flavoured pre-rolls may sound like an awesome gig (it is), but we take it seriously. When we set out to find the right flavours for our Jet Packs, we knew we wanted them to not only be enjoyable, but also stand out in the sea of infused options. We also wanted to make sure the distillate and terpenes blended evenly with the flower for a consistent burn, which can be challenging with infused products.”

Cue BZAM’s talented lab team at their Pitt Meadows facility! They’re responsible for producing distillate and formulating BZAM’s product line of vapes and infused pre-rolls. Led by Gabe, this dedicated team, working alongside a select group of internal product testers, spent three months trying out different formulations.

terpenes and flavour equal the yummy factor

Gabe explains: “BZAM’s infused pre-rolls were evaluated on a few different factors. Mainly, the team assessed how different terpene blends tasted with different flower bases, always trying to hit the terpenes + flower = yummy equation. They also tested whether the formulation burned consistently from start to finish.”

Making BZAM Infused Pre-Rolls Jet Pack Distillate

How do you and your team ensure the mixture of milled flower, distillate, and terpenes burn smoothly?

“Without giving away all our secrets,” says Gabe, “we use a special machine to mix everything together evenly. This was also tested in R&D by sparking the infused pre-rolls and providing feedback on how they burned. We worked very hard to generate different flavour combinations and even harder to make the right choice. The diverse cross-section of product testers in our R&D program helped us zero in on the flavours we thought consumers would enjoy the most in our Jet Packs.”

Packing BZAM Infused Pre-roll Jet Packs

Want to see for yourself how all this testing turned out?

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