5 great reasons to shop at BC Cannabis Stores

5 great reasons to shop at BC Cannabis Stores

At BC Cannabis Stores, we are committed to upholding the values of responsible use, safety, and privacy, so that customers can feel confident in visiting and making a purchase on our website.

Protecting your privacy is our commitment

The BC Cannabis Stores website (operated by the BC Liquor Distribution Branch) is proudly hosted in Canada and designed with both security and privacy in mind.  We only collect the information that is required for your transaction, and information that you voluntarily share with us, in order to provide you with an optimal website experience, and/or to communicate with you. We will never sell your personal information.

If you are a visitor to the BC Cannabis Stores website we require that you enter your date of birth to confirm that you are of legal age to view the site content and/or purchase non-medical cannabis in B.C.  Visitors’ dates of birth are never retained and visitors to our site are not required to use a social sign-on or create a user account in order to purchase products. 

Your personal information is stored securely and only accessed by authorized personnel.  We retain your information only for as long as it is required and ensure its secure destruction in accordance with BC Government information management practices, approved records schedules, and legal requirements.

Credit and debit card payments are processed through a secure provincial government service provider and payment card data is not stored on the BC Cannabis Stores website or by the BC Liquor Distribution Branch. Orders placed through BC Cannabis Stores website will display as ‘BCS Online’ for the vendor information on your credit card statement. For further information on how payment card statements are managed, we suggest reaching out to your financial institution.

To learn more about our commitment to protecting your personal information, please read our full Privacy Policy

Keeping cannabis from youth

In line with the Cannabis Act, we prevent youth from accessing non-medical cannabis by ensuring that minors are not allowed into our BC Cannabis Store. Anyone visiting our brick-and-mortar stores must produce ID that shows that they are 19 years of age or older prior to entering the store.  Online, you must verify your age before viewing restricted content or browsing product selection. As well, upon delivery, Canada Post requires that you show two pieces of ID, one of which must be issued by a government agency and include your name, birthdate, and picture. The second piece of ID must include your name, signature, and/or picture. These are just a few of the important ways we prevent youth from accessing non-medical cannabis. Our educational content also encourages responsible use by adults, especially in the presence of minors.

Reducing the illegal market

In addition to limiting youth access to non-medical cannabis, BC Cannabis Stores is working to reduce the impact of the illegal market by offering British Columbians access to a wide range of non-medical cannabis products from federally licensed producers (LPs). We currently buy products from 33 LPs and we are consistently building out our product selection by adding more LPs. Products are also priced competitively to rival non-medical cannabis that is being produced and sold illegally. All non-medical cannabis product sold by BC Cannabis Stores is lab-tested by LPs to ensure they meet federally legislated quality requirements and are safe for consumption.

Providing information for safe and responsible use

With educational in-store content, informative online posts, and 24/7 customer support available by phone and email, we support our customers by providing access to information before, during and after a visit to one of our stores. Whether the topic is talking to teens about cannabis, responsible use, the basics of the cannabis plant, or how to use specific accessories, we provide customers with factual information from reliable sources.

Shipping within one to four business days

When you place an order through our online store, we strive to have products shipped in a timely fashion. We work hard to ensure that you will receive your order within one to four days from the time the order is placed to the time it is delivered, depending on where you are in the province. Since October 17, 2018, we have reduced shipping costs from $10 to $8, and we plan to offer more shipping options in the near future.

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