How BC Cannabis Stores and the LDB prioritize the environment

How BC Cannabis Stores and the LDB prioritize the environment

At BC Cannabis Stores, we work hard to make decisions that reflect our commitment to the environment.

Our stores are designed in compliance with the LDB’s construction specifications handbook, which provides building contractors with the information they need to ensure all stores meet the LDB’s energy-efficiency and sustainability requirements. These requirements include using high-efficiency LED lighting in all new stores as well as installing flooring which doesn’t require waxing and polishing, helping to reduce use of chemicals for cleaning purposes.

BC Cannabis Stores’ checkout bags are recyclable, compostable, and made with a minimum of 40 percent post-consumer content.

Our distribution centre, where our non-medical cannabis products are shipped from, operates with nine different recycling streams, minimizing waste that would otherwise have ended up in landfill.

As a division of the Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB), BC Cannabis Stores considers environmental sustainability in its business operating decisions and annual planning processes. As a new line of business, BC Cannabis Stores is continuously incorporating the many successful initiatives that the LDB is proud to have established.

 The LDB is committed to being carbon neutral, and we’ve succeeded at this mandate for the past eight years. This means we track all our energy, paper, and fuel consumption, and we pay to offset the resulting greenhouse gas emissions. (Want to learn more? Read our 2017 Carbon Neutral Action Report here.) Our longstanding “green team” also works hard to ensure that the LDB supports ongoing environmental initiatives and campaigns.

Our latest sustainable initiative saw the relaunch of our carpooling program. At our head office, nearly 50 staff carpool to work each day. We encourage staff to cycle to work, and each spring during Bike to Work Week, team members from our head office, distribution centres, and BC Liquor Stores take part in a group called the Spirited Cyclists. This year, BC Cannabis Stores employees will have the opportunity to participate as well.

BC Cannabis Stores and the LDB will mark Earth Day by highlighting our sustainable practices during the month of April, and hosting a conservation-themed event for staff that will reinforce the message of this important day. We can all make choices in our homes and workplaces that will have a positive effect on the natural environment and the future sustainability of the planet.

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